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      Main Features

      1. High bearing capacity: Satisfy the vehicle’s two driving requirements on high carrying capacity and high-speed driving, and increase the carrying capacity by more than 30% under the same road condition;
      2. Low oil consumption: Under the same cargo capacity, it will save more than 10% of average oil consumption for every 100km compared with the common rear axle, and is characterized by stronger economical efficiency; 
      3. Strong grade ability: The five-star auxiliary box product, which effectively improves the grade ability, is characterized by easy climbing and small losses of engine; 
      4. Long service life: The five-star auxiliary box product, which adopts the motorized technical configuration between the engine and rear axle, will effectively reduce the losses of engine power during the transmission process and decrease the power loading of engine, thus prolonging the service life of engine for more than 1 year; 
      5. Good stability: The strong power output of five-star auxiliary box product is connected by reinforced driving shaft and rear axle, which makes the operation of rear axle more stable and decreases its loading and abrasive wear, thereby cutting the failure rate of rear axle.

      Technical parameters

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      Technical parameters

      Displacement(cc) 200
      Main Parameter 200
      overall dimensions of vehicle(mm) 3460/3680*1490*1820
      overall dimensions of cargo box(mm) 2000/2200*1350*320
      Fuel consumption(L/km) 5.5L/100
      Loading capacity(kg) 1200
      Max speed(km/h) ≤65
      Engine Single cyclinder,Water-cooled,4-stroke
      Rated power(ph) 17.7
      Fuel tank capacity(L) 18
      Start mode Kick
      Gears of gearbox/reverse 5/1
      Real axle Full floating
      Driving type Shaft transmission
      Tire(F/R) 5.00-12/5.00-12
      Brake type Drum
      Qty in 40HQ(units) 25(CKD)
      color Red/Blue
      - Two speed gearbox(H/L speed)

      Product specifications

      Service support

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